Christmas Markets

Visit the diary page for updates on our Christmas markets.

Our Christmas range is expanding weekly in preparation for our big Christmas markets indoor and outdoor.

Anchorhaven gift vouchers are now available to purchase £5, £10, £20

We now stock the following luxury ranges:

  • Friendly Soap - eco vegan soap bars and sets
  • Magic Organic Apothecary - Green Balm, Oils and Bath Potions
  • Star Child Glastonbury - Herbal tea, blended incense, essential oils, bath oils and massage oils
  • Warm Human - solid fragrances made from therapeutic grade essential oils and manifestation cards with charms

New age gift ideas:

  • Sage smudge stick and palo santo sticks
  • Crystal clusters / crystal palm stones / crystal towers and points
  • Crystal jewellery, pendants, earrings / keyrings
  • Tarot Cards / Crystal / Angel oracle Cards and keepsake bag
  • Books on crystals, tarot or magical realms
  • Backflow incense burner with cones
  • Aromatherapy burner with essential oils or wax melts
  • Manifestation card or Affirmation cards with charms and crystals

Crystals for Children - All ages are drawn to crystals and we have usually have more young customers than older ones at our markets.

Our gemstone bags and treasure chests filled with pirates crystal mix were a huge hit at the New ferry festival.

We will have more available for our Christmas fairs plus our range of crystal chip bracelets is expanding.

Calming crystals for Children

Amethyst is a calming purple crystal that can help children sleep better and prevent nightmares. Place it under their pillow or next to the bed.

Rose Quartz is a gentle pink crystal that helps children soothe their emotions.  We add it to all our calming kits. It is great as a chip bracelet.

Moonstone is good for children who seem emotional or are hyperactive. Ask your child to hold the crystal where they feel it should go. It will centre and soothe their worries.

Green Aventurine is a lucky stone, so will be helpful for children who may need some encouragement and to build their self-esteem.

Sodalite is a blue calming stone which aids focus and intuition. This can be helpful to have near as your child studies at home.

Clear Quartz is known as the 'Master Healing stone' and should be in everyones collection. This is an all-purpose stone which can have great calming and healing effects for all.

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Magic Organic Apothecary
Star Child Glastonbury
Cards - Believe in you Unicorn
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anchorhaven calm crystal kit giftbag
I'n Now A Merseyside Maker Blue
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Anchorhaven Wirral Weekend Markets

You can find us at Hulme Hall in Port Sunlight

or at Woodside Ferry Market - Waterfront Chalet.

Anchorhaven Fairs, Festivals and Markets in the UK

We are available for markets, fairs and festivals all year round. Indoor or outdoor. Please think of us for your event.

Our stall can be tailored to suit the event as we have a diverse range of crystals, jewellery, new age,

aromatherapy. vegan items, childrens theme and seasonal items.

We have mystical themed items for all ages and price ranges.

Tarot card decks and books in stock with new lines ordered ready for Christmas.