Magically Inspired Items

We stock a range of Gothic, Wiccan and Pagan items such as:

Colourful Spell candles and holders

Satya Incense sticks, cones and holders (16 incense varieties in stock)

Sage smudge sticks and terracotta smudge dishes

Altar Plates and Offering Dishes

Altar Cloths coming soon

Chalice and Goblets

Divination: Runes, Tarot Cards. Crystal Balls and Crystal Pendulums

Mini trunks and trinket boxes to keep your crystals and herbs inside.

We have a wide range of fun items to inspire.

Our range of Tarot Cards and Books is expanding and we will have planners calendars and diaries for 2022 to showcase at our Christmas markets and fairs.

We are working on gift box and monthly subscription box ideas, so check back often.


We stock a range of incense sticks, cones, backflow cones our favourite brands are Satya, Native Soul and Tribal Soul.

Aromatherapy Oils - Essential Oil bottles and Roller Balls plus Fragrance oils.


What are the top selling incense fragrances?

Nag Champa and White Sage

What is the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils?

A fragrance oil is cheaper than the purer essential oil because it is a man-made fragrance, it may contain traces of essential oils with chemicals.

What do I do with a smudge stick?

Light the sage smudge stick or Palo santo wood stick and then blow it out.

Move the smoke around your home, aura or crystals to cleanse it.

Its handy to have a smudge bowl or flame proof dish to place the smudge stick on.

How do you cleanse your crystals?

At anchorhaven we have a large amount of crystals so find it easier to cleanse our crystals with sound (tingsha bell, singing bowl, tuning fork or song, any sound will help disspate unhelpful energies from your crystals).

We also use gypsum charging plates, Reiki, Intention and loving energy to cleanse our crystals.